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Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Poor sleep is a common part of life with ankylosing spondylitis1 and a common complaint on social media too. So, for sleep disorders, what can you do? Having already discussed beds and painsomnia, This AS Life now sets its sights on sleep apps; three plucky potential sleep aids, going head to head in the battle for the best night’s sleep. So who is best – and more importantly, who is it best for?

Sleep app-propriate: what sleeper are you?

Each app tackles the sleep problems in its own way. The best sleep app for you depends on the kind of poor sleeper you are…


The daydreamer…

SleepStream 2 lulls you to sleep with your own personal sound cocktail – different audio strands, woven together in they way you want. Includes natural sounds (rain, wood fire), gentle music (tinkling pianos) and binaural beats (tones stimulating natural brain states).

  • Simple to use
  • Soothing sounds, your way
  • Lots of choice

Free to download

Add-ons from €0.99/$0.99/79p

 The analyst…


Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s microphone to record your nightly sleep rhythms, building up your sleep pattern over time. For AS, the app could help you work out when your sleep is most interrupted, letting you find potential strategies to help.

  • Generates lots of data
  • Makes you feel pro-active
  • Potential to better time your pain meds

Free to download

Premium edition €1.99/$1.99/ £1.49

 The doodler…


Pause is a unique relaxation app, helping clear the mind and, hopefully, make you sleepy. Users slowly trace their fingers across the phone screen, while soothing music plays. Sounds odd, but it works: the app slowly lowering you down into a well of calm, helping free you from external stresses.

  • Beautiful, simple and addictive
  • Genuinely distracting and relaxing




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