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When ankylosing spondylitis flares, the couch and bed are your best friends. Your achy joints might get you as far as the fridge, but that’s it. When you’re living with AS, how do you make the most of these not-getting-up-and-doing-much-days? Well, just because your body’s not going anywhere, doesn’t mean your mind can’t travel…

Podcasts are a great source of distraction and entertainment, available at the touch of a button and absolutely free. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite free podcasts to share with you:


Each season of Serial tells a gripping true-crime story, with a different aspect of the case examined with each new chapter. In Season 1, follow the case of Adnan Syed, a popular high-school senior accused of the abduction and brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend. Or, in Season 2, dive into the details of a high-profile desertion case amongst U.S. Special Operations soldiers in the hills of Afghanistan. Spread the intrigue out or lose yourself in a day-long binge listen – the choice is yours - just steer clear of spoilers… 

How to listen:

BBC documentaries

The BBC is renowned for providing the best and latest in live news, sport headlines and weather, but their podcasts are also fantastic. Both BBC national Radio and the World Service produce downloadable documentaries on a range of subjects – whatever seizes your interest. Their archive also contains a back catalogue of comforting favorites like Desert Island Discs, all available for download. So, whether you’re into travel, history or comedy (or just want to know Tom Hanks’ favorite song), there’s something for you.

How to listen:

Stuff You Should Know

SYSK educates listeners every Tuesday and Thursday on a wide range of topics, usually alongside a big dose of pop culture. One reason this award-winning series from How Stuff Works may be so successful is that the presenters are definitely not experts, just curious guys who like to learn. Tune in for an overview on subjects from the Big Bang to mega-sharks, the gender pay gap and, of course, cats. A fun, easy way to get your brain firing.  

How to listen:

TED Talks

Offering over 2000 talks to inspire you, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organization working with the aim of creating “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED talks originally emphasized technology and design, but they‘ve since broadened their focus to include talks on scientific, cultural and academic topics – there’s even a dedicated medical spin-off, TEDMED  Subscribe for some of the world’s biggest ideas and greatest minds at your fingertips.

How to listen:

Good Life Project

Starting as entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields’ personal quest for a truly meaningful existence, GLP has become so much more. The community now includes people from all walks of life; artists, entrepreneurs, home-makers and industry leaders, bringing you their unscripted take on building a life of positivity and creativity.

How to listen:

These are just a few suggestions to get you going but, with over 250,000 podcasts currently in existence, whatever you’re interested in, there’s a show out there for you.

Check out the podcasts and find a new favorite to help get you through down-days with AS. If you need more support, on flare days or otherwise, reach out to a support group in your area.

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