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It’s Friday night, you’re feeling pretty good, almost as if you want to paint the town red! “The weekend starts now” and “TGIF” litter your social feeds – but there’s one problem: despite your brain’s positivity, you’re 90% sure your body wouldn’t be able to physically hack a night out on the town with friends right now. Cue AS mood-crash… 

Next time you feel like this (which you no doubt have before); you have two options. The first is to relax and fill your Friday night with premium home-entertainment. Whether it be podcasts and documentaries, or Netflix boxsets and movies.

Your second option is to P A R T Y – your way. If you feel like it’s only your AS that’s holding you back and that you’re otherwise in the mood to party, this is the option for you. Depending on the severity of your AS and the kind of day you’re having (flare-wise), not all of the following may be completely achievable. However, pick the suggestions that feel manageable and, if you have the time to, prepare for your “big night in” in advance. It’s time to turn Fridays into Friyays. Let’s GO.


1. Work on your guest list

Invite the closest people to you, and of course the most fun. Your house party can be scaled down to a casual gathering, but either way, invite people you know will support you and make you smile. The best ones will be there in a flash! 

2.  Start a collaborative playlist

Use Spotify to create a playlist for anyone on your guest list to add to. If you create this early enough, you’ll have hours of music to get through when Friday comes, so you can sit back and let the good times roll.

3.  Set an insurance policy

Make your friends promise not to be mad if you have to disappear early (in case there’s a real emergency). All you need to say in your invitation is that you may feel tired, need a lie down, or even need to go to sleep earlier than everybody else. They won’t mind one bit.

4. Hire some help

You’re going to need an assistant in this mission. If you have a child, task them with making decorations or welcoming people at the door. Close friends and family will assist with the things you find difficult if you ask them nicely. Hey, even your pet could help.

5. Ask them NOT to come empty handed

There are some great cooking tips in Bjillian Mackinnon’s ‘What’s for dinner’ article on this very website, and in her own words – ‘people love feeling useful’. So think of a separate party item each of your friends/family could bring along. BYO is certainly the way to go. Or if you feel guilty doing that, order a healthy takeaway using apps like UberEats or Deliveroo - if everyone contributes the cost will come down.   


6.  Deck the halls

Consult Pinterest for ideas on how to create unique house decorations like disco balls and bunting. Or, if you’re short on time, buy some party poppers and balloons from the local discount store. If you’re the less flashy type, why not try out some “mood lighting”?

7. Drink whatever suits you

If you want to steer clear of alcohol, make mocktails using fruit juice or sparkling substitutes like Shloer. If you’re a beer person, there are also plenty of alcohol-free options, like Becks Blue, available in most supermarkets.

8.  Dress to impress

If you wear an outfit that you’d usually wear out on a Friday night, you will hopefully get some of those same “Friday night out” feelings whilst in the house. Go easy, and don’t wear heels or anything that will cause you unnecessary grief, and remember: nice clothes do not increase your dancing ability.

9. Make some memories 

Bad dancing, even worse karaoke, or just sitting around chatting and laughing – it’s worth photographing or recording your evening so you can look back at the happy memories created. If you’re a social media sharer, you could even take advantage of Facebook’s latest feature and go LIVE.

10.  Find some extra blankets

If you’re partying with your nearest and dearest, tell them to bring an overnight bag and let them crash on the floor or sofa. That way, if you need to take yourself off to bed early – so can they! Who said sleepovers were just for kids?


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