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In recent years, the Internet and social media have changed the way we interact, and bringing people together has never been easier – we think that’s awesome!

This is particularly true for people with AS. Life with a chronic and invisible disease is not easy, and it feels like no matter how prepared you are, AS can come and ruin your plans. When you have no one to talk to, this is especially frustrating.

AS may be invisible, but this shouldn’t mean you have to be, too. It’s one of the reasons This AS Life came into being – to give useful information and connect the spondy community.

Now, we’ve seen you share your own thoughts, ideas and experiences – all of which are unique, but relatable. What have you been saying in 2015? Here are some of the top #ThisASLife tweets and messages.

You vented your frustrations – those only fellow spondys would really understand.

You talked about the bad times and the inevitable uncertainties.

You shared positive and inspirational stories too.

And we’re happy to contribute too.

Sharing helps. Everyone’s AS is different, but we want to help you feel united, not isolated, so you can get on with your life. If This AS Life has found some way to help achieve that, our 2015 has been a success. Keep tagging #ThisASLife, and bring on 2016.



This article was written by one of the resident experts at A social site, helping the whole AS community to: Learn. Share. Inspire. Discuss.

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Take on AS with an army behind you. Patient support groups can be there to celebrate with you in the ups and pick you up in the downs. They’re also great places to get practical advice about living with AS.

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