Music that kicks AS!

When a song says it best

As children’s author Hans Christian Anderson once said, “where words fail, music speaks.” When it comes to AS, This AS Life couldn’t agree more. Here are ten tunes the editorial team think brighten even the gloomiest AS-filled days – and the reason they work for the person who picked them.

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These choices are completely biased: This AS Life is sure – in fact demands – you disagree with some of them and come up with better ideas :) Get in touch and let This AS Life know what sunny songs work for you when AS is getting you down and, most importantly, why.

Post your suggestions using #ThisASLife, on our Twitter and Instagram feeds – or just share your songs with the important people in your life.


The one it’s impossible not to dance along to

The one proven by science to be the happiest ever

The one that makes you want to dance around the room when no-one’s looking

The one so sugary and upbeat, it’s probably bad for your teeth

The weird (but brilliantly upbeat) one no-one will agree with

The one where the lyrics that are just right (for the ‘serious music’ fans)

The one that says “I’m not going to let this beat me”

The one to make you tear up, but in a good way


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