The #Rheumers around EULAR 2016

Even in an era where so much information is instantly available online, medical congresses are still often the first places reporting the latest news, breakthroughs and initiatives in any given field. That’s why This AS Life’s #Rheumers are continuing to cover the biggest congresses of the year, bringing you the inside scoop on the latest developments in ankylosing spondylitis.

Last year we covered the ACR congress with great success and this year we’re covering EULAR – the annual congress of European League Against Rheumatism. This organization represents physicians, scientific societies and patient associations from 45 countries across Europe. All have one common goal – to keep finding new ways of making life better for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.

The EULAR congress is being held in London with over 16,000 delegates expected to attend, learn about and report on new research and approaches to tackling AS.

Among the attendees will be our Rheumer, Robin Brittain, an AS patient for 25 years interested in every aspect of diagnosing and managing the condition. He will really dig into the event, sharing what he’s learned and giving us a first-hand account of everything going on at EULAR.

Alongside Robin’s on-site reports, This AS Life will also give you the chance to submit your AS-related questions for the experts and Patient Advocacy Groups taking part in our Facebook Live sessions. Find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to join in the discussion or, for the latest from our special correspondent, just search #Rheumers.

Coverage from EULAR 2016 kicks off on June 8th. We’ll see you there!














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AS Patient

Diagnosed with AS 25 years ago, Robin has a strong interest in all aspects of AS care ranging from genetics to physiotherapy. 

Most recently, Robin has been a patient representative at The British Society for Rheumatology, helping form guidelines for the use of biologics in treating axial spondyloarthritis (including ankylosing spondylitis).


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