American College of Rheumatologists Conference

Want to know more about using yoga to help manage your AS pain? How about ways to keep the passion in your relationship whilst dealing with chronic disease? Or maybe the best nutrition for someone with a rheumatic condition? Then stay with This AS Life in the coming weeks for our #Rheumers coverage from the 2016 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Annual Meeting.

The goal of This AS Life is to offer people with ankylosing spondylitis expert advice on a wide range of topics around AS. That’s why we started #Rheumers - a team of AS-patient reporters bringing us news of the cutting-edge information presented at the year’s biggest Rheumatology conference.

Our #Rheumers have already brought us the patient’s-eye view from ACR 2015 in San Francisco and 2016’s European League Against Rheumatism conference in London - now it’s the turn of ACR 2016 in Washington, DC.

Reporting on behalf of #Rheumers will be AS patient, disease spokesman and president of Canada Spondylitis Assoication, Michael Mallinson. As a leading advocate for AS patient rights across Canada and the rest of the world, Michael has a breadth and depth of experience on the challenges of life with AS. Keep checking back to read his on-the-ground reports from ACR sessions on subjects from basic immunology to nutrition, relationships to social media. 

Make sure to also join us at the This AS Life Facebook page for Michael’s Facebook Live session, November 13th. Spondylitis Association of America Associate Executive Director Richard Howard talks about his AS journey, offers advice on managing the condition and gives us his personal highlights from ACR 2016. 

ACR coverage starts on Saturday, November 12th so stay up-to-date through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels or by searching the hashtag #Rheumers. Want to join the conversation? Tweet us or post a comment on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.















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Sea, sand and ankylosing spondylitis




AS Patient

After a ten-year struggle from onset to AS diagnosis, Michael Mallinson joined the Ontario Spondylitis Association (OSA) looking for support. Now, Fundraising Chair to President of OSA, Michael is one of Canada’s leading AS patient voices. Michael has been at the forefront of change in AS care over the last ten years.

Now retired, Michael dedicates his energy to charitable fundraising and education on the burdens of AS, all to make sure that those now diagnosed with AS don’t experience the same challenges he did.


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